The Jury

#1 - Rich Rat who in life owned a record company that cheated its singers
#2 - Les Leech an agent who "bled" his singers dry
#3 - Vicki Viper a hateful singing star until she loses her voice

That is my guess... ^^; I couldn't never make out Dan's dialogue. Of course as a human, Leech in life would have been a sick, psycho agent who murders his singer clients - hence "bled his singers dry!"
*nya* *purr*


I never thought they had first names, but were just designated as Rat, Leech, and Viper.

"Thanks, guys." "So long, partner."

- Toy Story 3 (9/10)


You pretty much got it. Here's an excerpt from the tie-in storybook by Ken Sobol (who also wrote the script):

Out of the ground, one by one, came the jury. Dan's heart sank when he saw them: Richard Rat, who used to own a record company that cheated its singers; Les Leech, who used to be an agent who bled his singers dry; and Vicki Viper, who used to be a big star until she lost her voice. She hated everybody-especially other singers. And the judge was none other than Weez Weezel.