A Halloween special???

I did not know whether it is a Halloween special, I guess I had heard that Halloween can be the highest satanic holy day...right? I had gotten confused on when to watch it
*nya* *purr*


Animation studio Nelvana was churning out holiday-themed specials at the time ("A Cosmic Christmas," "Intergalactic Thanksgiving," "Easter Fever," etc.) and "The Devil and Daniel Mouse" was originally syndicated by 140 American affiliate stations between October 21-31, 1978. Ergo, it's a Halloween special.


"...it's an adventure, musical, comedy, horror, Halloween story..."

- a quote from the documentary How We Made "The Devil and Daniel Mouse," which was broadcast on CBC on Fri., Oct. 20, 1978:


Also, some trivia for you: One of the animators was David Thrasher, who is the father of Sunny Besen-Thrasher, who played Paul on Nelvana's The Edison Twins.