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Everyone Complains About...

I watched this show quite a few years ago on my local PBS with my younger sister. This was in the early 2000s, and the show was new on WHYY in Philadelphia. People bag on Caillou in general (which I understand), but some folks seem to especially dislike the puppet segments they used to have. In fact, they must been pretty unpopular, because I found out years later that PBS stations still carry this show, but it's all reformatted and the puppet segments have been dropped in favor of more Caillou.

Am I the only one who thinks the puppets were the best thing about the show? You don't hear Caillou whining and grousing for a few minutes, and the characters (Gilber the family cat, Caillou's Teddy, Rexy the stuffed dinosaur, and the squirrel with the impossible-to-spell name) actually have some life breathed into them by the puppeteers and writers. But apparently, for a lot of kids the puppets were evening more irritating and/or boring than Caillou himself.

Maybe it's because I was a Mr. Rogers kid at heart, so always liked/understood puppets, but for my seven or eight-year-old self, obliged to watch this show with my sister who was three or four at the time, found the puppets more interesting than anything else going on. Still do. I'm crazily nostalgic for old kids shows and it's frustratingly heart to find very many of the old puppet clips I remember anywhere. If anyone has any cheap/free tips, be sure and let me know.

Om Shanti