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Looking for an Episode--Help?

I am looking for season 2 episode 15, "Caillou Helps Out". The thing is, I'm looking for the original version that aired around 2000-2002 on PBS stations in the United States. It featured the puppet segments with Teddy raking leaves and Rexy playing pirates. Puppet segments have since been phased out and older episodes have been reedited to remove them. There are older videos/DVDs still around, but no luck so far. All of the most obvious links take me to a reedited, puppet-less version, and I'm specfically looking for the puppet clips.

It's a weird nostalgia thing. If anyone's as weird and curious as I am, here's a transcript I found of the episode in question: There's a couple of good screenshots there. I just wish I could someone, somewhere with the entire episode or at least the puppet parts.

Apparently, it's taken from a broadcast of April 19, 2009. Didn't actually know the old puppet segments were still running at that point. I saw it with my little sister a good eight years or so before that.

Om Shanti