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When Caillou is an adult in the real world he's going to get eaten alive

His first day in New York City, fresh from graduating from the Moody Bible Institute:

CAILLOU: Hello! Caillou would like to find employment and make money!

(NY businessman sizes up Caillou, knows everything he needs to within 5 seconds.)

NY BUSINESSMAN: Well, hello there, young fellow. So, you want to make some money?

CAILLOU: Oh yes! Very much! Money! Money! Moneeeeeeey!

NY BUSINESSMAN: Well, that's no problem. You came to the right place. How much money do you have right now?

(Caillou pulls out his checkbook and looks at the ledger. He has $9,000 -- his life savings.)

CAILLOU: Caillou has this much!

(Shows ledger to NY businessman.)

NY BUSINESSMAN: My goodness, that's a lot. But you need to make more than that. Here's what you do. Write a check to me for $9,000.

CAILLOU: But...that's all the money Caillou has.

NY BUSINESSMAN: You said you wanted to make more money, didn't you?

CAILLOU: Well...yes....

NY BUSINESSMAN: Well, this is how you do it. You use this money to buy more money. Everyone knows that.

CAILLOU: But...Caillou needs to buy food and pay for rent.

NY BUSINESSMAN: Rent/shment! What do you think the landlord is going to do? Throw you out of the building or something because you didn't pay the rent?

CAILLOU: Caillou not know.

NY BUSINESSMAN: This is New York! Everyone is friendly here. Besides, you will make twenty, no FIFTY times that by next week! Just write that check to me.

CAILLOU: Well...okay....

(Caillou writes the very first check of his life...which in all probabilty will also be the very last. NY businessman looks on approvingly.)

NY BUSINESSMAN: That's it, very good. Now, do you have any credit cards? I'll need those as well.

(Caillou obliges.)

NY BUSINESSMAN: Oh, and a Social Security card, that would be a big help.

(Caillou hands over his Social Security card.)

NY BUSINESSMAN: That's a nice wallet....

CAILLOU: It was gift from Caillou's grandparents.

NY BUSINESSMAN: Really? Hand it over. And those clothes? Take them off and leave them there.

(Caillou takes off all his clothes.)

NY BUSINESSMAN: Okay, that's great. Now, go back home and wait for my call. You're going to be one happy rich fellow!

CAILLOU: C-C-Caillou c-c-cold.

NY BUSINESSMAN: That's right, you'll be swimming in cold hard cash. Now, it's time for you to go so I can get busy buying you some more money.

(Caillou turns around with a confused look on his face and goes off into the New York streets completely naked. He has not been seen or heard from since.)


LOL!!! that was funny please continue.


Yeah. You should.

My name is tyler green but they call me barnzo pete


Caillou doesn't really talk in the third person like that, still a funny story.



Ah, finally I have a good claw! 3 human females, a number, and a king giving himself brain surgery!


That's very funny. Caillou is sohh unassertive that i don't let my kids watch the show.

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Yeah, when i need a really good laugh i read the OP's OP. Nearly pee my pants laughing so hard.

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Gonna miss this thread.

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