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is it just me or does this not feel like it was directed by Smith?

Is it just me or did this just not feel like it was directed by him?

Not that this is a masterpiece or anything, but the film has far too many well-done visual gags and non-verbal comedy moments to feel like something directed by the same guy who made Clerks. When I first saw it, I was suspicious as to whether or not was the film ghost-directed by anyone but from what I've read, it doesn't seem that way. Since then, I've come to the conclusion that Smith, while not a master class filmmaker, can actually direct when he tries.

He tried in Dogma and while that wasn't a visual masterpiece, it did look far more dynamic and visceral than anything else he made before. I think his real problem is laziness. He let the whole façade of being a master of dialogue and his extremely loyal fanbase get to his head and it stopped him from ever trying to progress as a filmmaker. Had if he didn't have those things, he might have progressed far more as a director by this point.

What do you think? Did this not feel like it was directed by Kevin Smith to anyone else? Do you think Smith could be effective as a director when he tries?



Interesting thoughts.


To me, most of Kevin's movies feel like his movies. This one included.
His more recent films, however, definitely do not have that "Kevin Smith" feeling.
Of course, this is all going to be different from fan to fan, person to person.
Until recently, I could pick Kevin's dialogue out of a line up. Not so much lately.


I'd say it does have the Kevin Smith feel, but a Kevin Smith that is more experienced than the early Kevin Smith.

If you watch his movies in succession, you can see him developing as a filmmaker, up to and including Clerks II before it takes a bit of a dive.

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