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This doesn't work for the exact opposite reasons that Clerks works.

... so, either he had let hollywood get to his head at this point along with the dollars and egostroking which is so common... (but I dont really see anymore in kevin smith and never particularly noticed any specific examples of it around the time this movie was made, but everything about this movie, no exaggeration leads me to believe otherwise)... or there is no or.

clerks was unassuming and works because of it.

this movie is bloated, ridiculously self-referential (which i often enjoy but here it feels so garish, attention seeking and bald), and truly just features poor writing, amateurish direction (though the color timing is fantastic! go hollywood money!), and bizarre spotty pacing as if it were cut by someone who was eating weed brownies every day all day.

*beep* this movie, nothing works about it except the wonderful color timing :) :) :) lol. and eliza dushku is pretty good.

truly. i had skipped out on it all these years, i almost made it a full 16 years not watching this because of the people who liked it when it was released. I should've kept to that mentality but have been in the mood for kevin smith lately and hadn't seen this yet. oh well. now I know.



Fans demanded a Jay and Bob movie. Kevin made it for them.

Seize the moment, 'cause tomorrow you might be dead.


if i reply will you read it?


Honestly, I think Smith peaked with Clerks. I loved the guy when I was in my teens/early 20's but looking back at his movies or trying to watch his later horror flicks and the guy is a barely competent director and mediocre writer. He knows how to write natural dialogue but his comedies are sophomoric and his horror films don't seem to know what they want to be. Clerks was the only one that I enjoyed after going back to watch it. It had a quirkiness to it but everything else was pretty standard Hollywood stuff.