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Was this movie terrible or brilliant?

For the life of me, I still can't figure it out.


cant you describe it without labeling it as terrible or brilliant? some parts were great, some were confusing especially for westerners like myself. the acting, the action, and the concepts were all great. it could have used some better character development and editing. still it was a beautiful movie with some excellent sword fighting. the fight scences provided lots of excitement without going over the top which is rare. the way i see it, an excellent swordsman doesnt necesarily have to be able to fly.

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Whoa, chill out. It was just one of those movies, that was either, in MY opinion, cheesy or genius. If a swordfight makes a great movie for you, then I guess I know your stance.


I think it was a good movie, but it's not like the best in its category. This movie reminds me alot of Onmyoji (1 not 2) in alot of ways, I thought the fight scenes were great, superb acting, but the movie itself was just too lengthy to drag on a movie that could've been done in like an hour and a half. There were scenes in my opinion that really didn't fit in with the movie as a whole and there were indeed alot of confusing parts.


I think it was brilliant.

I love movies that telle a different version of old japanese myths; besides, in my interpretation, the real fight was between scepticism and faith.

In the final fight, the bad guy (scepticism) when fighting the monk, he always brakes his weapons (including the most important one, the "demon killer", wich I think, comes as a representation of Fudomyoh's sword); although the bad guy keeps destroying all his weapons (what could be a monk's weapons if it's not his belief) Benkei keeps on fighting; the fight actually ends when some outsider force, something not from earth but from the sky, itervenes. A lighting from the sky (maybe the real tenchu?) is what ends with sceptisism and doubts.

Yet, I think my interpretation is not really good, becaus I don't know about the tale of Gojoe.

But I really liked the movie.

The only thing that I think that really sucks is the fights; that's not japanese sword fighting; it was corographized in the chinese style, and I don't know why.


I'm guessing you all did see the fully uncut version of the movie?, because an international version got chopped, and therefore, it makes the plot very confusing.

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