First Kid Liked It

Did anyone else get the impression that the first kid Jimmy, the one who went fishing and ate sandwiches with his buddy, liked the relationship? I mean the only time we saw his family is when they were trying to get the guy arrested. At least he had an adult male to hang out with Ralph. Even if he did look silly with that haircut and those sunglasses.

I was surprised Jimmy had both, married, parents. I thought they were going to make him a foster kid or from a single mother household. I guess that kind of stigmatizing didn't get popular until the 1970s or so.

I love how the movie claims that a 13 year old kid shouldn't be interested in porn. Which was probably just nudie pictures back then.

No two persons ever watch the same movie.


Yes, Jimmy was into it. They developed a relationship, I don't think that Jimmy was 13 years old...he looked about 17 to me. Jimmy wasn't forced into anything, he just felt bad after his first time having a gay experience. I bet after he accepted his homosexuality, he hooked back up with Ralph and they lived happily for a while, until the free love and drugs of the late 60s took a toll on their relationship. I think Jimmy must have strayed, and Ralph just couldn't keep his wandering eyes, or hands of the young studs just willing to give it away to an older, more experienced lover. I imagine Ralph has long since deceased, and Jimmy's years of hard living have probably sent him to a similar fate.



He was supposed to be in middle school, so at least the character the boy played was supposed to be much younger than 17.