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I don't believe this stars 'Robert Casey' as 'Jeff'

I have an episode of the TV series 'The Aldrich Family' which stars Robert Casey and I have seen the short 'A Young Man's Fancy', which definitely does star Robert Casey. The fellow who plays Jeff in this Coronet short does not look or sound like Robert Casey; the voices, the face, the hair are all different.

This Coronet short does not have credits for any of the people playing the roles, either at the opening or closing of the short, so I don't know where someone came up with the idea that Robert Casey stars in this short.

By the way, this is available on the Internet in color.


This is why I came here, I read somewhere that Phipps was in this thing. It seemed impossible, and going back and watching Jeff in this short I can confirm that is not Alexander Phipps, the image of whom is indelibly etched upon my mind grapes.

Was he perhaps one of the other lads at the scavenger sale? I'll see if I can spot him...