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Podcast about The Magnificent Ambersons

The Projection Booth: Episode 143: The Magnificent Ambersons

Special Guests: William Friedkin, Joseph McBride, Christopher Welles Feder, Peter Bogdanovich, Jonathan Rosenbaum

An episode two years in the making...

Orson Welles's follow-up to Citizen Kane adapted Booth Tarkington's Pulitzer prize-winning novel about industrial progress and the loss of innocence set against a tumultuous family, the Ambersons.

Welles infamously lost control of The Magnificent Ambersons before its final release. We'll examine its production, its destruction, and attempts to restore what many consider Welles's forgotten masterpiece.

We're joined by guest co-host Roger L. Ryan.

And...there's a special appearance by Mondo Justin!

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