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It costs money to provide healthcare? BS!

The quote in that movie tells us exactly what's wrong with this world.
Health should not be a money making industry. It should be every humans right
to live and healthcare should be covered by the country/government to take care of its citizens.

What a sick world we live in when you can't get treatment because of money. The treatment is there, it's available, but if some people aren't profiting on the poor health and lives of others they won't treat you? BS.

The gov't can spend 300 billion dollars to bail out corporations, the gov't can spend trillions on the mid-east wars, but they can't spend a few million on sick people whose lives could be saved....ppl who are citizens of this country, ppl who work and serve and contribute to this nation.


I would agree that some things need to be changed. If there were a way to regulate costs that would be great. I have no idea how to do that.
I also believe that people need some incentive to do things for themselves. The government is not responsible for our lives. If health care were free we would face long waiting lists for appointments, fewer qualified doctors and medical equipment built by the lowes bidder.
I am a military wife and I can tell you first hand what government run health care does to people...There is a long military history in my family and my grandfather died at age 55 because his blood pressure medication was changed because the Army found a cheaper manufacturer.
I have waited in the ER of an on base hospital with an actively bleeding child and an extremely painful bladder infection for up to 9 hours. The place wasn't even that busy.
When I opted to go see a private doctor for the same condition I was tested, treated and medicated within an hour. Yes, I paid a co pay for this visit, and I will gladly continue to do so because some things, even if they are "free" are just not worth it.

"I take a problem and chew on it til all the flavor's gone, then I stick it in my hair"


Health care is not a right. Why would you have rights to someone else's services? You have rights to your life, your liberties, and your paycheck. You have the right to keep what you worked for. You have rights to be protected.

But you have no rights to food, housing, cars, clothing, OR healthcare. If you don't have won't get treatment and you'll die. Guess what? If you don't have food, you'll starve, and again you'll die.

So by your standard, the food at the grocery store should be mine. I have the right to it right? After all, a man's gotta eat. If he don't eat, he dies.

The healthcare in the country is bad. We all know that. But the solution is not Obamacare. Anyone with half a brain will tell you that you can't have the government run your healthcare. They have no business running a business, let alone this one. It may work in Canada or France, but they have fraction of the population as this country.

the problem are all the freeloaders out there...the welfare lifers out there that are too lazy to take care of themselves and depends on others to do it for them.

Man the F up. Get a job. Go to school. Take care of your own family and don't depend on me, your neighbors, or your politicians to take care of you.




Three easy ways to have free healthcare for everyone:

1 - Put a gun on the head of doctors, nurses and everybody who works in health-related industries and make them work for free.

2 - Yell "let´s tax the riches!!!" several times. Repeat as many times as necessary.

3 - Give 40 or 50 % of your income to the gov, use the services it supplies, and believe it´s free.


Profit drives innovation. Innovation drives healthcare.