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I feel sorry for Irontail in this movie

It was a contest to see who could give away the most eggs on Easter and he won. Sure, he cheated in making Peter Cottontail sleep all day, but he still won the contest.

And then Peter travels forward in time with the yester-morrow-mobile and gives away his eggs on St Patrick's day, and all of a sudden he is the winner and new easter bunny???

Wasn't the rule that he had to give away the eggs at Easter??

Still, I love this show, all these many years later...


Yeah now that I watch it as an adult, he cheated! Still love it though


Irontail initially cheated, so he was never the real winner anyway.


Actually Irontail didn't cheat.

Peter had only himself to blame for staying out at that party all night. Had he gotten home to bed early like he was told, he would have been able to get up on time.

The crowing rooster really didn't matter. How many of us have rolled over and fallen back to sleep when the alarm goes off? Peter could have done the same regardless of the bubblegum.


Sorry. Regardless, Irontail still cheated. Had he not interfered, Peter might have gotten up to deliver the eggs. Obviously, Irontail thought he would get up or he wouldn't have played the dirty trick.


But Irontail wanted to do horrible things to April Valley. And he only wanted to be Chief Easter Bunny "to get even". Peter was right to do what he did.

Still, Irontail was a great character. Definitely one of the best Rankin/Bass villains.

Too cool for sküle


I agree, he was a rotten bastard.

He is on par with Mumm-Ra, Gollum, Mons-Star, King Haggard and Omahdon (Flight of Dragons) when it comes to RB villains eh?

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