I love this series!

I can't believe there are no board posts on this show! "Mysterious World" ROCKS!

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Yeah. This was an amazing series. The one before and not as much the later, Strange Universe. But all in all, mystery shows just aren't made of this caliber. I wish they had a complete listing of the shows and season like other shows like "In Search of" have.

I'm going to search for the DVD or VHS.


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There are no DVDs of this to be found, but I found and bought all 6 volumes used (one at a time, over the course of several months last fall) on VHS at Amazon.com (through third-party sellers). They are:
Volume 1:
The Journey Begins (an introduction to the mysteries)
UFOs (UFO sightings, close encounters)
Strange Skies (canals of Mars, Planet Vulcan, Star of Bethleham)

Volume 2:
Monsters of the Deep (sea monsters)
Monsters of the Lakes (Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo)

Volume 3:
The Missing Ape Man (Bigfoot, the Yeti)
Dragons, Dinosaurs, and Giant Snakes (other land monsters, such as Mokele-Mbembe and giant anacondas)

Volume 4:
The Great Siberian Explosion (Tunguska 1908)
Out of the Blue (fish, frogs, and the like falling from the sky)

Volume 5:
Ancient Wisdom (ancient Greek computer, Babylonian battery, Skull of Doom)
Giants for the Gods (Nazca Lines, huge desert drawings in Chile, the Cerna Abbas Giant)

Volume 6:
Riddle of the Stones (Stonehenge, Newgrange, other stone monoliths)
Cabinet of Curiosities (minor mysteries, like ball lightning, rocks moving by themselves in Death Valley, toads surviving imprisonment in stones)



Years ago, I rented these and stuck them all on 1 VHS tape on SLP. Just ran across it the other day. Can't believe the tape still works :)


I'm trying to find a television adaptation I saw decades ago that apparently was based on Arthur C Clarke's "The Star", in which a team of astronauts land on a world whose inhabitants were wiped out by a super nova that was actually the Star of Bethlehem.
Is this related to Mysterious World at all? I saw it so long ago, I was thinking it was an episode of Amazing Stories, but I didnt see anything fitting it's description on AS's page.
Any help?


By now somebody must have informed you that the story was adapted (and emasculated in my opinion) for the '80s Twilight Zone. If not, let me be that person

It wasn't related to Mysterious World, but it could have been. The Star of Bethlehem is one of those things that pops up in conversations about UFOs.


Thanks, efrasnel, you are the first. (2 years later, I just happened to be checking my post history).

Yeah, I wasnt expecting and didnt remember the show I'd seen being spectacular (80s twilight zone after all) but the premise had intrigued me, and I couldnt remember what exactly I'd been watching. That's the kind of thing the 80s twilight zone is good for, I guess.

Thanks again.


Awesome show, I found a few episodes online here:



I remember watching this with great fascination back in 1980. As a young teenager, I was glued to the tv.

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I agree!!

I remember taping this off TV onto Betamax tapes in the early 1980s. Played the tapes dozens of times over the years, until the image was just too fuzzy to watch any longer.

About the same time, I purchased the hard-cover book of the series, read it, and put it away for thirty-five years.

Re-found the book down in an old box in the shed some months back, and read it again. A quick search online showed me that the series was available on DVD, so I purchased it, and am now working my way through the various episodes.

It's STILL rivetting stuff, and for me at least, it gives me the chance to see my favourite SF author, the famous Arthur C. Clarke, who is now sadly no longer with us...

I would recommend this series to anyone who gets a buzz out of the arcane, mysterious, or downright inexplicable.

(PS: My favourite ACC books? "A Fall of Moondust" and "Rendezvous with Rama"...)


The Opener of the Way is waiting....


My brother and I we love this show... buuuuut for other reasons.
Many of the people interviewed are straight out of Monty Python sketches...

our favorite must be those two "adventures" going to Africa to find dinosaurs.. when they try out their equipment in a snow filled public park.. then they film them in an airport with an empty rucksack and the other bloke carrying a spear as if they have just returned from Africa he he

other favorites:

Block of ice through the roof
Moving stones in the desert
Fish falling from the sky

we laugh and laugh and laugh