Whine whine whine

Bad story editing aside, at least watch the movie for the impressive fighting. Plus Roth is pretty good as a villain

Finally, a new artist has been found!



Not an excuse for lazy writing and filmmaking. A few fights and one good performance do not make a movie, especially when we have several other Musketeers films to choose from, such as the superior Lester films from the 70s.


I enjoyed it quite a bit and grade it a solid 7/10. It was directed by Peter Hyams (director of 1999's "End of Days") and comes across as a less-grim Conan tale switched to 17th century France and plays like 1995's "Rob Roy" with a kinetic Indiana Jones flair, albeit set in France rather than Scotland. The tone is essentially realistic until the swashbuckling scenes take place, which are dynamic, but totally over-the-top.

Anyone's who's a fan of the Conan, Rob Roy, Indiana Jones, Sinbad and Zorro flicks will likely appreciate this movie. It's as good or better than most of them. Beyond the thrilling action sequences, there are a number of great or near-great elements: Chambers plays a great protagonist and Roth the perfect villain, the latter proved in "Rob Roy" (he's just as wicked here). Not to mention, the lovely Mena is formidable as the babe. But it's the excellent sets and mood that I like most – the cobblestone streets, torches, horses & carriages, villages, castles and 17th century costuming. It's inexplicable that Chambers didn't go on to become a star, like Brad Pitt.

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