The Necklace Itself

I know this has been asked before, but what became of the prop necklace used in this film? I know they made an accurate reproduction as the blueprints still exist. I did an internet search and it looks like it may have ended up in a French museum? Or is that one another replica of "The Necklace", one not used in the film?

I am thinking they used CZ stones for the prop, but I could be wrong. They didn't look like real diamonds to me in any event. I love diamonds (a trait I inherited from my ancestors) hehe.

Any and all info is much appreciated :D


I've read that there are multiple replicas of "Le Collier de la Reine" and the one in the Ch√Ęteau de Breteuil in France I believe has been there since before this film was made, so it's no the same one. IIRC, the director says on the DVD featurette that the original necklace was "pretty hideous" so the costume designer came up with her own stylized, "more delicate" (her words) design of "Le Collier" for the film, working with (jewelers) Asprey.

On the commentary, the director refers to the original necklace as more of a "breastplate" than the one designed for the film.


It's basically the same design. I agree that it was ugly, and for me, that's saying something. I am not surprised one bit that Marie-Antoinette turned it down saying the money would be better spent on a man-of-war.

Thank you for your info. I'm not sure why I like this film so much. It is VERY innacurate historically. Something about it makes me like it. I didn't want to see it when it first came out because they tried to paint Jeanne as a heroine of sorts, when she was really a con artist. I do like Hillary Swank, Joely Richardson, and Adrian Brodey tho. Maybe that's why :)