Who is Veronica Flanders?

Just saw this movie and something is really off here...there is a character listed named Veronica Flanders. I don't remember seeing her in the movie. When I clicked on the actor’s photo, she looks like she could be Janet’s sister.

I have a theory that she is the woman who was ice skating and fell down in front of Brett and his new wife. He noticed she had the same charm bracelet on that Janet has. Could she actually have something to do with the murder?

Maybe I saw a different version of the movie that had part of it missing.



I've seen this movie several times but didn't pay much attention. I hope I can help some...

Veronica is the sister who was getting married. I don't think she had anything to do with the murders. I believe Jordan Ladd's character is the one solely responsible for the murder of Vincent's wife.

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I was wondering if Janet paid the chick to fall and have the bracelet on? That scene was never really explained. Just that Janet was watching.