So who did it? I thought the ending where they zoomed in on her charm bracelet implied that she was some kind of mastermind sociopath who would continue to fixate on a person until she ruined their lives. But was it anymore than that - an implication? Should it have been more obvious to me who did it?

Anyway, this movie was pretty entertaining. Jordan Ladd was perfect as this girl who right from the beginning you think she's sweet, but something's off. She was sufficiently creepy throughout the whole thing.

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ya she did it. they zoomed in on the ring that said Kathleen. but i didnt think they had enough evidence to put bret becker in prison. the movie was kind of lame i cant believe i bought it. You should watch Lying Eyes with vincent Irazarry and cassidy Rae


They definitely didn't have enough evidence to convict Brett, but juries convict on emotion all the time so I was able to suspend my disbelief. There was no hard evidence in the Scott Peterson case either, but he's sitting on death row.

But yeah Janet definitely did it. She killed her former lover as well, and his wife, in a fire. And she took his ring as a trophy. Then she did the same thing with Brett's wife.

Like Scott Peterson, Brett was a cheating, lying douchebag but he was no killer. I really hated the ending. I realize not every movie can have a happy ending but I really wanted to see Janet in some kind of institution.


I first seen this some years back on LMN and bought the DVD soon after. It's a very silly. I know films can be very unrealistic, but this is in the "There is no way in hell this would ever happen." category. There are many other bad films in that category.

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