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best malayalam movie ever?

Hi this is my first post and I wanted it to be for a movie made in my native language. Sadhayam paints the story of a journalist who moves to a rented house opposite a family brothel in a village in the state of kerala in India. As the story unfolds the protagonist begins to become emotionally involved with a younger woman of the opposite home(whose not yet stepped into the profession of her aunts), and feels his responsibility to save her and her younger sisters from their inevitable future. Well what would a man torn between his menial income with which he barely supports himself on one side , and other the consequences of his inaction towards the only people he could really call family.

The movie touches a very delicate topic, that of the right of someone who cares for you to take your life, because your future has nothing degradation in store.

Well apart from the moral issues, this film epitomizes the Malayalam film industry, which in my opinion has produced some of the greatest works in modern cinema. Whether it be the fast pace chill so characteristic of so Many Malayalam thrillers, or the tragic destiny associated with Sibi Malayil Movies, and ofcourse the surrealistic performance by Mohanlal, this movie makes a must watch for anyone who claims to be a critic.

Its a pity that English subtitles for Malayalam Movies are so few and far in between.