Added sound effects

Machine gun effects for Joe weapons & such.

Am I the only one to find that intrusive & distracting?

They ruined TF dvds with them, they could have left GI Joe alone...


You know because of all the flaws that Rhino home video did on the 1983-1987 G.I.Joe and 1984-1987 Transformers shows when they had the release rights I think we need to convince Hasbro to get someone else to re-release all the episodes of both shows. I had started a petition a while back that at first was aimed for bringing G.I.Joe onto tv but since the tv stations have such bad public relations now I have aimed that peittion for briging the show onto DVD again. Here is the website address-


I am planning when that petition hits a certain number of signatures that I will be contacting Hasbro telling them that because of all the flaws that Rhino did and how they failed to release all the episodes of the second season before the contract ran out that someone else needs to release all the episodes of the show including the DIC episodes so the entire tv show will be available. I think we need to tell them that on the five part episodes they need to have an option of either watching them split into the five part pieces or in movie format.