the translation?

My poor French probably does not qualify me to comment, but there were several times when I thought the English subtitles reflect a translation that could have been better.

For instance, when Christophe is trying to embrace Alain while Alain is on his cell phone, Alain says (on the phone) what really sounds to me like "Je suis en voiture..." ("I'm in my car") but the translation is "I have a car." The first one is funnier. But perhaps I've misheard it.

Also, when Alain and Laurence are conferencing while two young clients wait in another room, Alain breaks off to yell at the clients to stop tapping their hands. Although the translation says "Stop tapping! Life's too complicated," I'm pretty sure what he says in the second sentence is, "Isn't life complicated enough?" which to me is funnier.

Other times the translation seems good, and the translator made good choices. And I can see why sometimes the translator gives a shorter translation or leaves something out ~ you want to watch the movie, not read it. So I don't know if I'm being too picky.

But I think this films deserves the best. Anyone else have any impressions?