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comparing the four films in the series

I recently saw the first film in the series and didn't like it that much although I think it has potential as a series. My question is, are the other ones better/different, or will I not like them if I wasn't already crazy about the first one?

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The second film, Jailhouse 41, is an absolute masterpiece. It's the best of the series by far and, as good a film that's ever come out of Japan, in my opinion.


Four films? WTF? I just bought the "trilogy" boxset and now I read there's a fourth? Weird.

But anyway, can't help you out yet since I just watched the first movie tonight. Will check back here to give you a second opinion on the rest. But apparently the second one is better than the first one. And on the case of part 3 it says that this part could probably named the best of the series. :-)


Actually it appears to have 7-8 sequels. But to be fair the 5th and so on appears to have a new protagonist . Got the first four myself but have only seen this one.

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The first 3 shared the same director.Shunya Ito I believe.
Meiko Kaji starred in the first four including the one the one with the new director.

the series continued without Kaji but they were not nearly as good I have heard.
i enjoyed all 4 with Kaji. Guess I'm a fanboy of sorts.
the trilogy boxset I bought is missing the second film Jailhouse 41(directed by Ito) but includes the fourth film with the new director. Kinda weird.

the 3 directed by Ito are the best.
she also sang the theme song herself.

fans should also watch Lady Snowblood with Kaji.