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Possible Inspiration for Lady Vengance?

This film seems to share alot with Lady Vengance.

1) Leading lady looks similiar and dresses in a very similar fashion specially when released from prison

2) Both end up in Prison for crimes despite being innocent, both fell prey to caring for a man too much and then being stabbed in the back.

3) Prison setting with cruelty, lesbianism and bullying similiar. Both seem to smile and bare it as way of dealing with pain.

4) Upon exiting prison, both leading ladies go about getting revenge on their man/men.

Anyone think of anymore examples?


1) It's the same actress in both films

2) A common theme on many female-revenge flicks

3) Common themes on women-in-prison/explotation flicks

4) Err, also the common procedure in female revenge flicks

But to answer your question, while both films have similar plots, they are based on two different source materials. Two different mangas from different authors to be exact.

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Dragon_Eye_Morrison was probably thinking of Lady Snowblood.


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Yes, I believe he was.

However, it's pretty clear that Park's film is influenced by the WIP revenge flicks.