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YAMAMORIIII **They shot him to dead**

Everybody yells the name of the target they are going to kill in the streets.
Why nobody killed Yamamori, that piece of *beep* crybaby, liar, i waited five movies for his death...

¿Qué pasó Shonzo?, tendrías que haber liquidado a Yamamori de una. Qué pedazo de porquería el viejo ese, un llorón de mierda que nunca cumplía nada, no valía nada y tendría que haber sido desterrado de los yakuza al instante. Que pena que nadie lo mató.


He's a liar, a dishonest, hyprocritical, cowardly, backstabbing, lazy, selfish and disgusting man. The perfect gangster and yakuza. And that's why he not only survives to the end but thrives. Fukasaku doesn't cater to the audience, there are no heroes, just different degrees of bad guys. And in a realistic setting like this the vilest people just don't get their comeuppance.