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The picture of Laurie Michael had in his lair

Ok that newspaper picture he had in that secret room of his above his bed was a fucking picture of Laurie from the first movie waiting on Annie to pick her up when she was holding the pumpkin. Was there some photographer in the bushes across the street in the original movie taking pictures of her for some reason?

How the fuck would they have that picture of her?


Jamie has the same picture in Halloween 4.


I know its retarded, its a fucking still from Halloween 1 when Laurie was waiting for Annie to pick her up, did we miss the part where a photographer jumped infront of her and snapped a pic of her for no reason?

Could they not just get some actual pic of Jamie Lee Curtis that wasn't from any of the movies? She worked on Resurrection ffs, i'm sure she could've provided them some pic of her from back around that time period in the 70's to use for a fake newspaper clipping.