Who would like to see one?

It's just a thought - and I have no idea how it would work given the current age of the lads now - but given that the main cast - sans George - are still with us and - hopefully - well, it would be a novel thing to see them Catching up over a pint and sharing stories.

I am 30 now, and both film & series were released long before I was born, but my family remembered and told me & my sisters of how they remember the show fondly, (My Mother was raised in Liverpool, and she particularly related to the struggles and scouse humour) as a teenager, I was shown 'Yosser's story' during sociology class in school - the 'gizza job' scenes with the young kids were a tough watch

I've recently re-watched, and loved, the TV film and subsequent series and it's certainly an important part of British history, the humour still holds up well 30+ years on.

Alan Bleasdale did a wonderful job with this, and I wonder if he would entertain the idea of a "whatever happened to....." episode?


I would love this, I'm only 24, have always known what this was but never seen it. Bought it on DVD a couple of months ago and think its great, a 'whatever happened to....." episode is a really good idea.