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Season 1 $3 at Big Lots

it was a few months ago, but I found complete Season 1 DVD set at Big Lots for (freakin) $3!!!!!!!

finally got caught up with some other stuff and marathoned Season 1 last weekend...I freakin LOVE this show!!!!



Wow nmdcone,

You got a better deal than even me. I got it at Best Buy last week for around $10.00. It was the last one too.

I almost didn't get it because I've never seen a full episode when it was on the air since I didn't have cable. However I'm a Sci-Fi fan and I've liked Vincent Vintresca since his "Boston Common" and "Prey" days. I really liked him on "Prey" and wish they would just put that and "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High" on DVD here in the US.

It's kind of annoying that good original shows like these get cancelled way before their time and then aren't released on DVD but stupid reality shows keep getting renewed and some are even available via DVD.

But I digress.

Anyway I've watched most of the episodes from Season 1 of "The Invisible Man." So far I like it. It was different than what I expected especially the pilot which was a little gory. I also didn't expect so much humor but somehow they mostly make (or rather made) it work.

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Yeah, it's a crying shame good original series get cancelled too early. And the tv stations fill their daily run with all day marathons of reality shows. *sigh*


I thought I got a good deal when I paid $10 on Amazon.