So let me guess...

...yet ANOTHER series where Universal releases just One Season then drops it and refuses to release Season 2.

Same thing happened with Amazing Stories, and now I'm afraid it's going to happen to Invisible Man too.

I think the giveaway was when they included the first Episode of Season 2 along with Season 1 as a "Bonus" episode. Their thinking probably was "hey, we'll never show this season, but we might as well release that one with Invisible Bigfoot because it's Just Too Good.

Man, Universal Sucks when it comes to DVD releases. They either slap them together in sub-standard quality, or they just do a half-assed job in releasing all the episodes of a series.


This is why I encourage everyone to buy, buy, buy the season one DVDs. If sales are high enough on season one, Universal will release season two. But if sales on season one are low, they have no reason to bother with releasing season two.

Money speaks and we have to support the show with our pocketbooks.


Sound Theory, but the problem I face is that I'm the only one I know who likes to buy these shows. I did purchase Invisible Man on DVD, but I'm only one guy.

So then the next question is: Why isn't Universal promoting these shows? Why aren't they throwing a big Marketing Campaign to boost the sales of their series? I only knew about Invisible Man and Amazing Stories' releases because I was actively out looking for them. I remembered the series and wanted to see them again. So what about the people who only vaguely remember the series' and those who have no recollection at all? Why isn't Universal trying to expand their market by attracting buyers who have just been introduced to the series?

Universal is shooting themselves in the foot when they fail to do the Marketing Legwork. Eventually it gets to a point where people will not buy Season 1 of a series if it looks like they will never get the other seasons and have a complete set. Universal is giving themselves a Bad Reputation.

Plus, it's good for customers to promote things by word of mouth, but eventually will those customers promote Universal's products if there's only a small chance that Universal will release the entire series in the future?

Customers can only do so much. Universal needs to get off their butts and promote their own products.


I think fans can do a heck of a lot. I've seen fans pull off some pretty sophisticated campaigns in an effort to save their shows. Also, every year the fans like the Star Wars fans and the Browncoats have booths at the sci-fi conventions to promote their groups and the movies/show they love.

You know what I would love to see a fan do? Dress up as a giant I-Man DVD for these sci-fi conventions. What a great advertisement that would be. And then when people come up and inquire about the costume make sure to have plenty of flyers on hand about the DVD and where folks can buy them.

There are, of course, easier things that fans can do. I know many I-Man fans are doing something as simple as buying copies of the DVD and giving them as gifts to everyone they know.

The very best marketing is just plain old fashioned word of mouth...people getting excited about a show or movie and talking about it to their friends and family. And with the advent of the web, fans now have an opportunity to reach out to a huge amount of people.

Universal isn't going to spend marketing dollars on old shows. Marketing is extremely expensive. Any revenue they gain from additional DVD sales would be negated by the cost of advertising. It's just not cost worthy for them. So they put the first season out on DVD and wait to see what kind of sales it gets. That affects their decision as to whether season two gets a release and when. Of course, shows like I-Man have a long tail, so sales revenue may be spread out over a longer period of time. This would just mean we have to wait longer to get the next season on DVD.


didn't amazing stories just turn into 'the outer limits'?