I-Man Canceled.

Invisible Man was up for 2 more years. The series was a serious hit. It was killed over political BS.

Come on guys.. take a media course. ALL of our TV and mostly NEWS programs radically changed after 9/11. What was "Find and dandy" on 9/10/01 was ok. After 9/11/01 the entire American Media Landscape radically changed.

If you kiddies remember.. it took us nearly a YEAR to see the last few episodes of Lexx. You would have to be blind not to see WHY the powers that be did not want to SHOW LEXX last season. Lots of "End of the world" stuff along with a crazy American President. Whose first lady is an aerobics instructor.

The Key person that killed I-Man was Barry Diller and I'm sure the death blow came from "Information Spook" Sumner Redstone at Viacom.

And look here:

It is disinformation to say it was "Hollywood Politics" that killed the series. If that was really the case.. The ENTIRE I-Man TV series DVD would have been released HERE IN THE US not more than a couple of years after the cancellation.

I think America finally woke up (naw.. most likely not) after Katrina. Unless you had family "On the ground" in New Orleans, or were there yourself. None of us in America had ANY idea what was going on down there. I got my news from BBC America back then. Anderson Cooper finally turned his camera 90 degrees.. looked past the approved media group. Then started reporting the BASIC true news.

The problem is.. BBC was reporting for nearly a week how bad things really were. That's HOW bad it is folks.


Joss Wheadon! Sleeping in the parking lot for a year doesn't count as an Oscar win for "Toy Story!


No, they had tried a new business model for the show that didn't work for both of the studios (USA and Sci Fi). They cancelled it then came together again to see if they could find a way to keep it. After two weeks of negotiations they couldn't come to an agreement so they canceled it again. They never used that flawed model again with any other show. It was an experiment that ultimately killed the show.

Barry Diller was actually a fan of the show.




glad its gone, the show is a gimmick and the story became stale also

WHAT AMERICA NEEDS TO STOP WITH how about stupid americans stop brainwashing its public so it has negative views of other countries, america talks about eg. chinese propaganda aor russian propaganda when america has the worse brainwashing of them all "we gotta kill them g**ks or we'll all end up slanty-eyed dogs eating rice with chopsticks, UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU!!" this is why you idiots are trained to be patriotic so much with the flag, when someone gets shot its "its our rights to bear arms"

you do it with movies eg. rocky (to attack russians) three kings {arabs, to the point where the arabs hate the place so bad they WANT the U.S to invade and follow back to their country, dafaq?)

it happens in tv aswell eg. big bang theory with the "well china has been hacking into peoples places lately" when it was proven by snowden that america has been hacking china and hong kong FIRST

HOUSE M.D with its lies about chinese parents killing their own babies due to the "one child policy", garbage what mother would kill their own child, why? because all people who aren't white are monsters?? just because the policy exists means nothing, either people listened or people went into the countryside where the law was harder to envorce

and NCIS is no different with that old episode of the korean female sleeper agent who betrayed her own comrades because she supposedly fell in love with an american. What a load of brainwashing B.S, like she woke up and became loving and compassionate because of the U.S

she killed her own people, her own kind who they themselves who have parents and dreams and aspirations and awaiting to go home with THEIR family one day.

THEY DO IT WITH THIS SHOW TOO "invisible man" where a chinese government sent agents to co-operate with "invisible-man project" the women was in love with her partner vice-versa too, but then sleeps with the american main character for NO reason. Why?? what a slut

its always with the ethics suck blah blah blah, they're either communists or terrorists and are evil and also add that their women can't keep their hands off white western men eg jamesbond or the A-team movie where the wife of the colonel HAS to bang some white american


It was cancelled because the alien lizard lord from the Pleiades wanted to cover up their invisible spy program...the illuminati done did it.


Siffy Channel...nuf sed. They went 180 on Farscape around the same time, even after renewing it for a 4th and 5th season, the dropped it after 4.

They claimed they didn't want to do shows for those mere trekkies, and wanted to appeal to a broader more sophisticated audience. So they hired Susan "nice tits" Sarandon (see Rocky Horror with and audience) for a mini series, and touted that as their new direction. They later attempted to rebrand sci-fi all together by calling it the "syfy channel"...which a lot of people conflated with "syphilis"...and rightly so.

So, with their high and mighty new direction set, they proceeded to produce the absolute worst faux science ficton crap the world has ever seen. Their crowning jewels: Sharknado and Sharknado 2. Wow...as a mere Trekkie, I can't even watch that stuff. So...win for them.

Somehow they missed getting rid of BS Galactica for awhile...must have been on oversight.

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