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English Translation Or English Subtitles Needed.

For some reason, IMDb have called this film 'Ten' when the Russian title translates as "The Shadow". I have a copy of the film but unfortunately there have never (as far as I know) been any English subtitles made either officially or unofficially.

This looks a really excellent film and it would be great if someone who loved the film and spoke Russian and English would be interested in the hard task of translating the dialogue into English.

There are a few options for translating the film (even if you have never made subtitles before) so if you are at all interested contact:
[email protected]

Many thanks.

It is a real shame not more of the films of the director Nadezhda Kosheverova available with English subtitles. I fell in love with his 1968 film 'An Old Old Tale'.

Does anyone know why the IMDb notes have Hans Christian Anderson as the source of the story when all the references I can find say it was written the late Russian author/playwright Eugene Schwartz and was an adaptation of his play.

As far as I can make out, the story of the film is based around the adventures of a scientist called Theodore who takes a trip to a magic land and falls in love with a princess causing his Jungian "shadow" or alter-ego to emerge who tricks the "good" aspect of the scientist and takes the princess and the throne.
In the end though "good" prevails...