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Anyone else find it weird they was wanting to watch Josh having sex?

E.L and all his buddies seemed so giddy and excited to watch the tape of Josh having sex, i mean did anyone else find that weird? Whats even weirder is Josh was gonna sit there and watch it with them.

I mean i could understand if Josh filmed her masturbating or stripping, but he was gonna sit there and watch with his friends him pulling his dick out and having sex.

Thats what i love about these high school girls, i get older they stay the same age.


They were mostly interested in watching Amy Smart, but I guess it's a bit weird.

Somedays you just can't dispose of a bomb.


I made a tape with an ex of mine but destroyed it when we broke up. They asked if I still had it could we have watched it and I was like 'sure'. Don't know what the big deal is.

Hey! You're not old enough to drink! Now go and die for your country!!!


How is it weird? In porn do you focus on the man? No, well it's the same here. They wanted to see Amy Smart, simple.