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My problems with the BUU Saga

1. Buu was a terrible villain,nowhere near as memorable as Freiza or Cell,no motive at all.

2. Fusion,Super Saiyan 3 and Gohan's Kai power all seemed useless. Fusion makes the fighters too cocky and SSJ3 takes forever to powerup

3. Super Buu just seemed like a poor attempt at Cell,he absorbs people to get stronger,but yet the kid buu is the strongest

4. It just felt like we got trolled this saga everytime the Z fighters were about to win somehow Buu finds a loophole

I know it Japan the whole Dragon Ball saga aired long before it came to America,but I Feel after the Cell Saga they should have taken a break before making a new saga,


The only good part from that saga was Majin Vegeta vs Goku otherwise it was very stupid and badly executed arc. Toriyama was probably bored and out of ideas after like 10 years of doing Dragon Ball, no one can blame him.

That's probably why he called it off and left when the studio wanted him to do GT.


I prefer gt to the buu saga. I know its not canon but some of the villians were better.

The writing could have been better


Considering the series was mainly based on the manga with little side stories here and there (removed in DBZ Kai). The the Buu Saga was as terrible in the manga as the show the only good thing about manga version it wasn't as long as the show and that was probably the most dreadful thing about the original DBZ the overstretched arcs episodes.

In the end Toriyama was exhausted from doing DB and somewhat he was also terrible with memory considering some of the amazing stuff in the original DB not even being explored further in Z.


I agree. The Buu saga is the weakest saga of the series. The story is all over the place and Buu doesn't maintain a consistent personality throughout his numerous transformations. However, Super Buu (with Gohan absorbed) is the strongest of all the Buus so he was way stronger than Kid Buu.


I think this is universally agreed upon. I've read a few times that it was intended to end at the Cell Saga but fans wanted more. It has it's place though for your second point though SSJ 3 and Super Gohan are two of the coolest things to come from the Saga though. SSJ 3 took long because Goku hadn't mastered it yet. Super Gohan was a great idea but was ultimately wasted.


Ok, I think most here agree that the Buu saga was the worst. Also, the series would have benefited greatly from a short break or even a switch over into a new series. Toriyama had said that he planned for Gohan to take over as the main, but he couldn't get it to work. When you read the manga it's easy to see that struggle.

As for your points, I actually don't fully agree with them. I'll point out my opinions below.

1. Buu wasn't the best villain, but he sure wasn't terrible in my opinion. He was dangerous, menacing and powerful. He destroyed Earth and countless other planets. Sure he wasn't as cool as Freeza or Cell, but I wouldn't say he was terrible. Now villains like Android 19 and Pui Pui, they were bad.

2. All of the listed power ups were quite useful. All except the mystic power up had their downfall; fusion brought such an increase in power the users felt invincible and became cocky and ssj3 was too much of a drain on the body to reliably use unless you were dead. Even so, they allowed the Z Fighters to scrape forward until the end.

3. Yea, I agree with the absorption thing. However, Kid Buu was not the strongest. Super Buu was. The Kai's mention his ki increase as he transforms into Kid Buu, but he is not stronger than Super Buu. Kid Buu is, however, the most dangerous. We see this at the end when he is recklessly destroying planets.

4.That's the DBZ formula. Almost every villain has done it. Cell and Freeza included.

I should say the Buu saga is my least favorite in the series by far. I will always prefer to watch or read something else over it because I just don't enjoy it.


Him blowing up the earth means nothing if hes one note. He was a fat monster that likes candy. The only one that could have been awesome is evil buu. Buu felt like a villian from the 90s Batman movies. Pui and 19 were just entrees til we learned about the other androids and Cell

Goku beat buu with a spirt bomb at super saiyan the other forms seemed useless


Hey, I just noticed your the same guy who wrote about the 17 and 18 vs Buu thing. Thanks for making that post by the way, it got me to go back and watch the future trunks special again last night. I forgot how good it was.

Anyway, man you got to try and relax, all of this kinda comes off as you just hate the character and are trying to tear him down however possible. Don't get me wrong, you can hate him if you like, but that doesn't change what the character was.

Building off of that, you might want to take some time before posting next time. I can't really respond to what you said because it really just comes off as incoherent negative thoughts. Also, entree is used for the main course, appetizer might work a bit better with what you are trying to say.


I don't need take time its a simple error shit happens. I m relaxed i m just saying what buu did means nothing to me because i found him one note