Unknown gem

Hands up who has seen this terrific film?

Not many!

This deserves to be recognised. I've got a copy of this on tape and it's a great film that I enjoy on every viewing. But what is this film? Who's heard of it? This demands a decent DVD realease!


There IS a DVD release. Actually, I am watching it right now. 4:3 one layer. Quite clear and sharp picture, with some minor dust visible (it's understandable - this movie is even older than me). Soundtrack is Czech 5.1 / 2.0 with both English and Czech subtitles available. English subtitles have somewhat dubious translation in certain parts, but it's better than nothing. DVD even has an "animated" menu - actually just few looped movie clips, accompanied with (great!) with music from movie.

Some actual screenshots from DVD:
http://www.sf.cz/obrazky/zv1.jpg - spaceport for orbital timetravel rockets
http://www.sf.cz/obrazky/zv2.jpg - Oh look, Patrick, that's Hitler! :)
http://www.sf.cz/obrazky/zv3.jpg - captain Bures and his love interest Helena
http://www.sf.cz/obrazky/zv4.jpg - Escape from Fuhrer's fortress
http://www.sf.cz/obrazky/zv5.jpg - timetravel rocket
http://www.sf.cz/obrazky/zv6.jpg - our lovable american tourists are placing a complaint

You may try to order it via Vltava.cz, local (Czech) e-shop. They do supply worldwide, but you have to register and select your country - and I afraid their website has no english language version.

Anyway, your selection is either cover-DVD (http://www.vltava.cz/store/GoodsDetail.asp?c=&sCGoodsID=SE00904041) for 299 Czech crowns, or classic boxed DVD (http://www.vltava.cz/store/GoodsDetail.asp?c=&sCGoodsID=SE00933328) for 549 crowns. Both releases are identical (actually, boxed release has the same disc as cover-DVD release), but I'd suggest buying it in a box for sake of safety (Czech Post has quite bad reputation for destroying parcels).
There is also a VHS release (http://www.vltava.cz/store/GoodsDetail.asp?c=&sCGoodsID=SE00703609), for 349 crowns - but it has no subtitles, naturally.

Should you have any questions or problems with ordering, don't afraid to ask.


Thanks, ExaltedOne, (Eck, that doesn't sound right)

That's really good to know, I appreciate it.
I'm going to check it out. Here's wishing Criterion do a release one day....
Thanks again for the the info. I really wish more people were aware of this gem...


At last!

I've been searching IMDB for this movie for years.

I always thought it was a Russian film and was searching through every Soviet film in the database.

Tonight I did a search on Adolf Hitler and at last I've found it.

I must have seen it back in '79 or '80 when BBC2 showed a foreign language films late on a Saturday night. The story has stuck in my mind ever since because it was so good.

I will wait for a recognisable company to provide a DVD but at least I know what the film is called now.


Also, available from this Czech DVD site:

That site has an english langauge version; I have linked to the english version. Although, 522 Czech Crowns in a whopping $21.85.

Go here for a DVD-r copy (with no packaging) of the film for $13: http://www.superhappyfun.com/product.cfm?whereme=695

This is where I got my copy and this is a good site, with good servive, ie. low prices, quick delivery and the copies are good, if they came from a DVD source; VHS rips aren't as good, so be careful. This sites has loads of Czech films for sale: select from the "Country" box on the upper-left of the page.

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*raises his hand*

enjoyed it.


*raises his hand too* Saw this one on television few days ago. I think that the idea is funny but the way how the film is done is somewhat flat. I didn't really like it althought I laughed at the Hitler sequence.


You must be from Finland, right, Terol? I too saw this on television. I thought it was great! I precisely liked it because it wasn't too over the top, and it felt and looked quite different than anything else.