DVD is available,

For foreign viewers information: This movie is available on DVD with
English subtitles.


I have just found a U.S. distributor for this movie, based in NYC. They appear to specialize in Czech movies. The DVD is avialable for $17, presumably plus shipping. They don't provide any further info regarding aspect ratio etc. The site is in English and Czech.


I think it would be cheaper for Europeans to order direct from Czech Republic, that is if you can get your head around the language! Can anyone help with this? www.dvdedice.cz are selling the basic DVD for 199 Czech Crowns,(US$ 8.40) but I can't figure out the ordering system, or whether they ship internationally.


Available from this Czech DVD site:

Although, 522 Czech Crowns in a whopping $21.85.

The site you mentioned above, has an english version: on the upper-left of the screen, there are three flags; click on the middle one (the USA flag) and the site will be mirrored to an english language version. Or just click here: http://www.slovczechvar.sk/?page=1&language=en. Although this site doesn't seem to stock Tomorrow, I'll Scold Myself with Tea, unfortunately.

Go here for a DVD-r copy (with no packaging) of the film: http://www.superhappyfun.com/product.cfm?whereme=695

This is where I got my copy and this is a good site, with good servive, ie. low prices, quick delivery and the copies are good, if they came from a DVD source; VHS rips aren't as good, so be careful.

I hope that this helps you and others, Dave.

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Thanks! That was a really excellent reply. I just ordered it from Superhappy fun. Quality has to be better than my 1980ish VHS to DVD transfer!
Best wishes - Dave Small


Got my copy from Superhappyfun today. 11 days Florida to Ireland

A good enough transfer. No complaints.

Great to see this movie again after 27 years!


May I ask, if your DVD-R seems to be a direct copy of the original? (I mean, it has menues etc. - as far as I know, the Czech DVD is a single-layer edition, so to make an uncompressed DVD-R out of it should be easy enough.)




I got it on VHS

When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


$12 on Amazon.




I found this title on region all dvd with english subtitles available from http://www.amazon.com/Zitra-vstanu-oparim-Tomorrow-Myself/dp/B0039WVSFM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1441970225&sr=8-1&keywords=zitra+vstanu

this dvd is also available from czechmovie.com
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