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The Curse (AGC Blind Item)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#16**

The Curse: There was a room on the set of this back in the day hit sitcom. It was a room that the young stars of the show were told to never enter if they wanted to keep their careers alive. The adult actors stayed far away from the room. They were taking no chances. Apparently a year after this house was built, three young girls were murdered in the room. A horrific murder that took place after each had been raped by a man who then killed himself after. Of course, kids being kids, most of them went past the temporary barriers set up to keep them out by the owners of the house. What happened to the kids? The A list star of the show saw his career for no reason turn into a dumpster fire and he went from A to not working really quickly. Another star of the show, went from having unlimited career possibilities to suddenly just getting a guest appearance or two a season and making crap movies no one knows exist. One actor who had been an A list tweener made a guest appearance on the show and his career went from A-/B+ list to nowhere on the list. There is no one from that show that went in that room that didn't have their career just wither on the vine and die. Or just die in real life like this once promising A-/B+ list actor. As for the room? When the show ended, the owners tore down the entire house and built a new one.

Hit sitcom: "Malcolm In the Middle" (12334 Cantura Street in Studio City, CA)
Star of the show: Frankie Muniz
Another star of the show: Christopher Masterson
A list tweener:
A-/B+ list actor: Johnny Lewis, Brad Bufanda or Justin Pierce