Can someone tell me?

What is the zombie trying to tell John West?
What is the deal with the second Max?



In the making of documentary on the dvd i think they said he was trying to explain what was going on, i.e. why there are zombies, what the government had to do with it, what the aliens are up to, etc, and also, i think they said he was trying to get him to team up with him to defeat a larger evil. Though i could have just remember that last bit wrongly. It's been i while since i watch the doco'.

If that's wrong then that's just my memory playing up, but they definately explain it.

I think the second Max is just a sureal joke alluding to how Max is in the 1st plaga zombie, ***spoiler if you haven't seen the first one*** before he gets the top of his head cut of and goes absolutely maniacally mad.

I think this film the fantastic, btw, hence the name.