can't find the original

on BB or netflix... shoot!

I loved this one.. i went in not expecting much but it really did deliver the comedy and the gore. After watching so many of the same style of film from Asia, it even had me believing the Max Giggs character was Asian (probably because i couldn't see his eyes during the entire movie due to him wearing blood splattered bi-focals. I want a John West T-shirt and I'm going to purchase this for sure... i guess ill have to purchase the first one too...

but is it worth buying (the original)?

Brian, there's a message in my AlphaBits. It says "OOOOOO".
Peter, those are Cheerios.


I think the original is well worth getting.

It's not quite as good as the second, but it's obviously made when they were less experienced back then.

I really like it and it explains everything you want to know about why everything is how it is at the start of zona mutante.

Get it.

Didn't you buy the double pack fangoria did with both 1 and 2 included?