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The world's greatest living director

This is a magnificent masterpiece by Zhang Yimou who does nothing but make brilliant films. This one is one of, if not his best. Picking his best films is no small task because there are at last 10 which could be on top of the list. Here, he uses mostly non professional actors and the results are nothing short of amazing. What makes the experience of this film all the more riviting, is that most of those non-pros are children. He ranks with Huston, Fellini, Fleming and Kubrick at the top of all-time film makers.


He is a very good director but I wouldn't place him at the best maybe you should check out some more directors like French director Claude Berri who made a 2 part movie "Jean De Florette" and "Manon of the Spring"... An Iran director that is also great Majid Majidi who made a masterpiece by the name "Children of Heaven". These directors have made great movies over the years and true movie buffs know of them and if you've not, please take the time and check out, at least, the movies I've mentioned.

You can thank me later :-)


he's up there with the best directors, his movies such as To Live and Not One Less manage to stir up so many emotions with so little

this was such a powerful movie, just extraordinary storytelling

so many movies, so little time