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Why is it called 'Voyage into Space?'

Nobody in the movie makes a voyage into space. So why is it called that?
Maybe it's like "Hell Ship Mutiny" in which there's no mutiny and there's really nothing so bad about the boat in the movie that it could possibly be called a "Hell Ship." (?)

Anyway I actually have a VHS copy of this movie that I taped off of TV back in the very early eighties. It's such a hoot that I've watched it about ten times over in the intervening years, each time enjoying it immensely. Even the cheesy low budget local commercials on my tape of it have taken on a goofy nostalgia value.

A definite thumbs-up on this one.


The title is appropriate since it's as wonderfully nonsensical as the story!


Its called that because of the end where the robot ends up drifting in outer space, but Giant Robot would have been a better title.

reply case you guys were not aware, the movie is actually a compilation of certain episodes of the TV show which was first shot in 1967. The title doesn't make sense and neither does the movie because it was really just slapped together. Then again, when I was a kid, I didn't care about continuity, just great monster fight sequences and this movie has that in spades!

By the way, most of the 26 TV episodes are now available for free on Hulu:

iTunes also has the complete series but it will cost you about $45 (worth it if you want better quality than Hulu and no commercials.)