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Has nobody seen this? How come there aren't tons of fans?

This show was on EVERY YEAR when I was a kid from as far back as I can remember. We watched it as faithfully as we watched the Christmas Special, The Grinch who Stole Christmas, The Great Pumpkin, Rudolph and all those clay-mation holiday specials!


Did you tell LUKE..? Is THAT who you could tell??


Hey, hey...we are all here. Haven't you been reading the comments and message board threads. Everyone basically says the same was one of their favorite movies as a kid, they can still remember it vividly...even if they have not seen it for 30 years...they still remember, and hum the theme song...they still cry thinking about the end. I've been pleasantly surprised to see so many people as fond of the movie as me!


I just downloaded it to my phone, love it as much now at 43 as i did at 7!