I bought the Japanese DVD...

I was SICK and TIRED that I had spent up to 100 bucks on low grade pirated DVDs from eBay... thinking that they were the actual item. Well folks, if you buy Sea Prince on DVD from eBay from the United States-- it's most likely to be a VHS transfer to DVD with a cheap sticker and ink jet wannabe box cover. A good way to know if it's pirate if it has "Region Free" in the item description.

I encourage you... avoid them. They're just plain horrible. And do you want to pay 40 to 60 bucks on a thing that's not even worth it? No. It's more acceptable if you payed, at most, 5 bucks if you were desperate... but it's best to ignore it all together.

I obtained this item when I read this description from an IMBD member of these fourms:

: by jeffghl (Thu Sep 28 2006 15:19:56)
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: UPDATED Thu Sep 28 2006 15:22:43
: Here's where you want to go to get the newer (and cheaper)
: Japanese language DVD:

: http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000EOTH7E

: This is the reissue that came out earlier this year (April 19th).
: It's only 1,575 yen (about $14.00 US).

I bought it (shipping costed more than the DVD itself) and burnt myself a playable version of this DVD andI will tell you--

I never recall watching this movie with such beautiful and clear colors... or the quality being so sharp. There are no subtitles in English or Japanese. But I still thoroughly enjoyed this DVD.

But the sound is especially clear... and, it seems to me that the Japanese version is uncut. I remember certain scenes and frames not being there or changed. Like... Malta has lavender colored nipples when she transforms into a queen. In my memories, I don't recall her having any nipples. But then again, it may have been the cheap VHS quality of then that may have blurred such delicate details. And then there's a musical piece at the very end that's left out.

My only beef is that--
it seems the footage wasn't properly stored for its 25 years. Okay, yes it's good-- but it's DUSTY. Okay, maybe I should say that it wasn't properly cleaned before and after transfered from analog to digital.

It's not dusty all over, but in certain scenes you will see obviously more dust specks (looks like snow...) than other scenes. And it's annoying to a certain extend. However, seeing that this film is so clear... it's very forgivable. In fact, I pardon it all together because no pirated version which I have unknowingly purchased will be as good as this.

Sure, this wasn't given the Disney archival footage and sound restoration-- but it's still excellent. (especially the sound quality.)

There aren't many features but I didn't much care for them. There's a trailer... and a game with Bibel (I don't understand this at all...)

In the end, I am very happy that I have obtained the official Japanese version of this classic childhood memory piece. But I still wish that I could be recompensated for some of the shipping and handling cost...

But oh wells.


Hello, I totally remember this movie as a child, I was searching for the title never could remember. I would love to see this movie as clear as possible, do you have any ideas. If I purchase the Japan version will it play on my dvd player? I know you posted this awhile back... LOVE this movie.


Hi tnanastar... I've got good news for you!!

The North American DVD distributor Discotek Media announced on Friday, October 2nd, that it will release the 1981 Sea Prince and the Fire Child (Sirius no Densetsu) film sometime in 2010.



I do own the official Japanese DVD (...and LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!),
but I can't wait for this to come out next year!! ^_^


this is excellent news!


Hello cherryred777,

Thanks sooo much for the info, this is the coolest thing ever. I purchased a cheap version of this movie for like 10 bucks because I was so desperate to watch it and now I can finally look forward to a decent version... I can't wait either!!