Just to absolutely sure I've got the right film . . .

From what I remember (it's been fifteen years), the character of Malta's mother
struck me, at the time, as one of the most despicable examples of unreasonable parenting I'd ever seen on screen. Did anyone else have a similar response, or
did I just misinterpret the character or not remember clearly?

"See, we plan ahead; that way we don't do anything right now."


4 years later...

yes, you completely missed the point. fear and hysterics made hyperia hyper-protective of her daughter, but no more so than oceanus. they both loved their children, yet were held by the duties of ruling over kingdoms. they had to place the good of their people over their own kids. that, and they didn't want their kids to suffer the pain they suffered from love and betrayal.

hyperia personifies intense passion. by removing things that would fuel her flame, so to speak, she is a passive, lounging queen who can foster her people. this same fiery passion is evident in malta, which is why hyperia locks malta up; she doesn't want malta to make the same rash decisions hyperia herself made. (ha, that turned out well.)

oceanus on the other hand, is the slow build. like a wave beginning in the middle of the ocean and rolling towards the coast, he takes time to act but once he does, holy sh*t! he should have known that sirius would eventually venture into the forbidden zone, he should've known that having the eye of algaroc strung around a free wheelin' kid's neck was a stupid choice. that thing should have been locked up and kept in one place. however once oceanus does make a logical choice it's always the best one. he's not impulsive like his sister; he's the opposite.

it's a really interesting piece on the personification of elements. they are almost static in their given attributes, whereas their children are more like humans with the ability to evolve and grow.

if it takes *beep* to make bliss then i feel
pretty blissfully


I think all of the characters were super dramatic. Malta's mother was scary when she got pissed, but her expression showed tenderness and regret in the end.