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With a fake 'Air Force One' in mind

I've seen that this message board is rarely accessed, so I'm not putting too much hope in anyone reading my lines.

After I watched this movie, I thought:"Oh my... another <<Air Force One>> rip-off." And it surely is a rip-off, but not an ordinary one. I guess the President's advisors watched AFO and said:"Hey, what a cool idea! Let's fake that our good old President is taken hostage and then defeats the fake terrorists by himself. And then we'll see that he'll be reellected, because he'll be the hero of the nation."

Of course, this is a wild twist of the AFO storyline. The Prez agrees with the thing and starts acting... But then, it turns out to be a real hostage situation, as one of the advisors decides to kill the Prez.

All in all, although this movie is a big pile of crap, the idea is interesting. Turn the President into a hero, so that he can stay another 4 years at the White House. Make the nation love him. "Do not fear, SuperPrez is here!"