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Why do some people think this is so bad it's funny?

Several IMDB reviewers seem to make it out as if this is one hell of a laugh-fest, with titles like "Terrible, but has the chuckle factor" in their reviews. I must be missing something because I failed to find any "chuckle factor".

Now, I love watching "so bad they're good" movies and have seen lots of movies that I find to be unintetionally hilarious. I think "Shotgun", "Cool As Ice" and "Blast" are the most hilariously bad movies ever made. Other movies like "Disaster (2001)" and lots of Jim Wynorski and Roger Corman movies easily fall into the category of "so bad it's good".

However, I have seen this twice and failed to laugh once. I watched it a second time to try and determine what people thought was so funny about it, but I couldn't find anything. What I saw was a very basic and completely run of the mill Die Hard rip off which had obviously been slapped together very quickly. I knew it would have problems when I saw there was only one terrorist left by the halfway mark, so both characters make really dumb choices to extend the runtime to 90 minutes. But I didn't find any of this funny. Having a bad guy who tediously chases the good guy around with a flame thrower isn't particularly amusing, it's just dull. The hand to hand combat scenes were passable, but there were far too many moments where "The Replacement" could have taken out the bad guy, but didn't. That sort of thing isn't funny to me, it's just boring. I have a sense of humour when it comes to bad movies, but there just wasn't any unintetional hilarity to be found here.

So can somebody enlighten me of what exactly there is that's funny in this movie? Becausae I didn't see it.


I have not seen this movie (yet), but I agree with you. There are lots of movies that people claim to laugh at a lot (in scenes that aren't meant to be funny) that I don't.

I do enjoy watching "so bad, they are funny" movies, though. Cool As Ice is an excellent example of one.

Also, aloep, if you've never seen it, track down Space Mutiny. That is one hell of a laugh riot. Not on purpose, however.

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You seem to have the same taste as me, and I absolutely agree about this snoozefest! Not worth having, even if it's free.


I could tell from the first five minutes that this was horrible- and not in a funny way.

The "practice" assault wasn't just sloppy- the real assault was sloppy as well. Looking at this I felt I was watching the Lifetime Channel's first foray into the action genre.

I have to wonder at what point did they just give up trying?

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