On 5 now...

...and its rubbish!


Ironically a year later nearly to the day once again on 5 again in the UK.

Chris Thorpe

"The lore of the mind counts further than the words of the mouth."


Me and the step father are watching it but giving it the mystery science theatre treatment.

Best one yet, just after the woman gets her leg sucked for poison McNiff gets a waist up shot "Hey professor, come look at this"
"I may have been drinking gin for 3 days straight but I ain't falling for that again...suck it yourself!"

Still a rubbish film though.


Just over a year later and its on Five again

"My will is strong but my won't is weak"


I'm watching it now too... its ****ing terrible.... and great.. all at the same time. You gotta love ridiculously bad movies around the crimbo limbo period!!

I love Bryan Brown too.... he has fallen a long way since his FX and Cocktail heyday ;)

Strangely enough was watching Jason and the Argonauts on five the other day with Jason London starring. Equally bad and cheesy xmas viewing.


One year on...

On Five USA this time.