The wrong George Miller...

Watched some of this today on TV on the grounds that if it was by the Mad Max director it couldn't really be that bad and would at least have some decent action sequences with dinosaurs and stuff.

However sadly (well perhaps not for them...) there are two George Miller's and this was by the other one and is low budget made for TV crap.

Its also worth noting that the plot seems to be taken more from Edgar Rice Burroughs's book At the Earth's Core than from Jules Verne - however the ERB estate are well known for their greed and litigiousness, so like several other adaptations the producers went for the French title whose author has been dead for so long that even modern copyright laws as re-written by the Disney Corporation don't give his heirs any rights.


Haven't seen this movie but speaking of Mad Max The Toecutter is in the movie. I was just checking if any other actor in that movie than Mel Gibson had made any other movies and I found the Toecutter in this.