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Mechanical box in the show opening

In the opening sequence of the show, there is an animation of a wooden box that opens to show multiple small boxes nested inside, and they slide in, out and sideways and rotate, revealing different objects in each, all accompanied by the sound of squeaking rollers and thumping.

I doubt if most of what is animated is possible in reality, but I have a very vague memory from my childhood of seeing such a box and hearing that sound. Back then I wanted to investigate the box more, but was told to leave it alone as it was too fragile for a child to touch. I don't remember the inner boxes tilting the way one does in the opening animation of the show (and doubt if any could like that), but I remember seeing boxes lower and others shift sideways into the space left by the ones that lowered and more boxes raise to fill the holes left by shifting ones.

I cannot find any thing similar in web searches but I really don't know what search words to use.

I suppose maybe I just dreamed it as a kid, but the show has something similar and it is too much of a coincidence for some animator to invent what I dreamt.

Can anybody help me know what the animation is supposed to represent?

Semper Vaporo,
Charles T. McCullough