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Any other movie like Cheeky?

well this is truly one its kind ertoic movie . a stuning comedy , incredibly directed!!

does anyone know any other movies like it or the director like tinto brass?

i became his fan now :)


yes there is quite a lot of movies similar to cheeky. check out some films by erotica auteur radley metzger. there's a great movie from the seventies called score starring lynn lowery and porn star casey donovan. there's also just jaeckin's film emmanuelle starring sylvia kristel followed by a string of sequels. another one that comes to mind is 80s film felicity, not the tv series, though.



I love Frivolous Lola!

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E-mlodik ... I am new to Tinto Brass. I saw most of Caligula a long time ago (which I understand he had only a hand in), and I am working my way through Cheeky. Can't say I'm impressed so far -- love the "old world" bush and beautiful bodies, but getting a bit bored with the ass shots.

So, if you will, explain what you believe is "very unique" about Brass' erotic films. Compared with?

You mention three others. How are they different/better? Grazie.

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