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Brief question about the ending.

In the end, when its finally realized who it was that violated and murdered a child, and a perpetrator cries and the main police detective hugs and kisses him, what is it meant to symbolize?

Is the movie also trying to say that even sometimes SOME truly horrible and evil humans are capable of feeling sorry and have a guilty conscience over their destructive deeds and horrible actions and when the lieutenant hugs and kisses him, is it trying to say that being 'good' sometimes means not being too hurtful even towards truly evil human beings and only stopping them by arresting them etc when there is absolutely no choice?

In a weird way, the ending to this kind of reminded me of the ending to Abel Ferrara's "Bad Lieutenant" (1992) when Harvey Keitel lets the two men go at the end, did anyone else sorta feel this way?


It certainly does greatly contrast what we may have seen in say films like the French movie "7 Days" (2010) where that surgeon takes vengeance on the man who brutally violated and murdered his young daughter, but do we have the right to feel EITHER way about such offenders?


One theory is that the detective is supposed to be kind of a Christ character.