Glad to see...

... most people here agree this is a dreadful movie. It seems to have fared rather well at the box-office in Brazil.

This really is like a cheap soap-opera, focusing exclusively on the cheesy love affair rather than the much more interesting historical context. And Camila Morgado has to be the worst actress ever!


I like Camila Morgado...

But, yeah, the movie is not all that! Someone who doesn't really know Brazilian history can be kinda lost between all that facts, Getúlio Vargas, and all that stuff. They could have explained this a better, in a little clearer way. Of course the romance is very important to Olga’s story, and it’s a beautiful love story. But I think that maybe the historical facts were just “thrown” and nobody was really worried about explaining what was going on here in Brazil at the time (besides, they could have explored the II World War even more).

I liked the movie. I just didn’t love it. Olga Benário's story is much more than just that.


Most people here probably have not seen this movie.
For those of us that has, this is a great film!